quilt garden


quilt plant tile – size 41 x 31 cm

Quilt Garden is an easy way to assemble a natural vertical garden yourself. The tiles look like a stylized clod of soil, but the material in actual fact is a felted mixture of the wool of black sheep and organic components. We make this material specially for Quilt Garden so every tile is a little bit different. The hexagon pattern will create a natural pattern on your wall.

To motivate you to make a vertical garden, you can use coupon code qg-2plus and pay 15% less when you buy more than 2 Quilt Garden plant tiles. You can enter this code at the check-out page.

You can attach a tile to the wall using a screw. Included with the design are a little ball to hang the tile from, a screw and hydro granules for the waterproof Quilt Garden planting bag, which is also included. With this planting bag you can place the plant in the tile.

The plants themselves are not included. Every houseplant can basically be used in Quilt Garden, perhaps you have a few beautiful plants in your window sill that you want to relocate. Climbing plants or creepers do well in Quilt Garden, but ferns also work well.


Will your wall get dirty? The plants are in a waterproof inner bag to prevent the wall from getting wet.
What is Quilt Garden made of? It looks like earth, but in fact the material is a special felt made from the wool of black sheep and other organic material.
Is handicraft done in a fair way? Yes, the material is designed and made by us in the Netherlands, with the help of local social labour services.
Why is every Quilt Garden tile different? The fabric is made by hand this makes for the composition of the elements in the fabric to always be slightly different.
How do you water the plants? You can simply water the plants with a watering can. You make it even easier by putting a small funnel between the leaves in the soil and pouring the water in there. For support product: shop.carolijnslottje.nl/support-products/
Does the felt mould? The felt will not go mouldy if the wall on which the tiles are attached is dry. If you accidentally pour the water for the plant next to the inner bag in to the felt, the felt will dry quickly.
How often should I water the plants? Look carefully at the label that comes with your plant, or ask the store where you buy the plant for care instructions. Feeling the soil with your finger can also give an indication. The soil should feel soft and slightly moist.

Which plants can you use in Quilt Garden? You can use all indoor plants. Plants with a pot size of 12 cm are easy to transfer into the inner plant bag. Creeping and climbing plants can attach to the felt, which will look beautiful.

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