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Quilt Garden is a way to make your own natural plant wall. Because of the hexagonal shapes you will always get an organic pattern. The quilt tiles are handmade from wool. The composition in the felt of each individual tile is a little different, giving it a natural look.

The tiles of the Quilt Garden Earth variant resemble stylized clods of earth with a net of thin roots in it. They have the undyed, natural colour of the brown wool.

In the package you will find a folder with explanations and instructions but also the special Quilt Garden plant bags and clay pellets.

The plants are not included. When choosing your plants, make sure that they fit in a pot with a diameter of about 12 cm. In principle, any houseplant can be used in Quilt Garden, creeping, hanging and climbing plants do well and ferns also fit in nicely.


  • Does the wall get dirty? The plants are in a waterproof inner bag, so the wall does not get wet or dirty.
  • What is Quilt Garden made of? The felt is made from sheep’s wool from sheep that are not used for meat production.
  • How do you water the plants? You can simply water the plants with a watering can. You make it even easier by putting a small funnel in the soil between the leaves and pouring the water in there, so you won’t spill out.
  • How often should I water the plants? Look carefully at the label that came with your plant or check with the store where you buy the plant. But in general; just feel the earth with your finger now and then, this will give you an indication. The earth should feel soft and slightly damp.
  • Which plants can you use in Quilt Garden? Basically, all indoor plants can be used. Plants in a pot size up to 12 cm diameter will fit the plant bag the easiest.
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